Environment, quality, and safety


Meca-quality also means being environmentally friendly. We minimise our environmental impact with an ISO 14001 certified environmental management system.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we use solar power in our operations. The 200 panels of our solar power plant produce clean energy for our company’s needs.

You can view up-to-date key figures for the solar power plant here.


We place great emphasis on high quality and uniformity of manufacturing batches. Meca-quality is based on modern production technology and an ISO 9001 quality system.

The thickness of the surfaces is checked using X-ray equipment. The equipment can also measure multi-layered surfaces.

All products are subject to a final inspection per each individual part. At the same time, the homogeneity of the batches is checked both technically and visually. Thanks to thorough inspections the final products will have no scratches, dents, dirt or fingerprints.

The result is completed by appropriate packaging and transport protection.


Safety is considered in all Mecapinta Oy’s operations. Potential major accident hazards have been identified with the help of risk assessments and experts. Efforts have been made to remove all hazards detected in surveys and analyses. Residual risks have been reduced with the help of work instructions, technical systems, systematic maintenance, and training.

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