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Aluminium passivation

Chromit al tcp (surtec) ja Iridite NCP

Passivation of aluminium with SurTec650 Chromit Al TCP or Iridite NCP gives good corrosion resistance and low contact resistance.

Passivation is also an excellent pre-treatment for painting. The passivation layer is almost colourless in colour, with low iridescence.

Aluminium passivation is a chemical surface modification process for aluminium products. The aluminium to be treated can be alloy, pure or die-cast. A passivation layer is chemically formed on the surface of the product. The passivation of aluminium is done by rack coating method in automated lines.

Maximum size of the piece to be coated

  • maximum length 2600 mm
  • maximum width 350 mm
  • maximum height 900 mm
  • maximum weight 100 kg

  • Standard

  • MIL-DTL-81706
  • MIL-5541
  • SFS-EN ISO 12487

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