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Silver plating

Silver plating is used as a coating for its good electrical conductivity, reflectivity or glide properties. In addition, silver plating provides hardness and wear properties to the piece, as well as a beautiful decorative surface. 

The natural darkening of silver can be slowed down by a separate passivation treatment, which does not impair the properties achieved by silver plating.

The pieces are treated in an electrolytic process. Silver plating can be applied to brass, copper and aluminium. Aluminium can be an alloy or pure aluminium. For silver undercoating on aluminium, we use copper plating. The treatment is done by rack or barrel plating methods in automated lines. The thickness of the coating can be measured with an X-ray machine.

Maximum size of the piece to be coated

  • maximum length 1200 mm
  • maximum width 200 mm
  • maximum height 900 mm
  • maximum weight 100 kg

  • Standard

    SFS-EN ISO 4521

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