Laser Marking


Technical laser marking

Lasermarking is an innovative, cost-efficient solutions for marking industrial signs and traceability marking. The laser technique provides durable markings for stainless steel, anodized aluminum, other coated metals and plastics. With lasermarking product can be identified by picture, text, logo, QR- or data matrix. With laser, the marking can be everlasting. Even chancing conditions like heat, humidity or different cleaning techniques can’t erase or impair the lasermark.

Laserbeam focus is occurrent for small and demanding markings. Marking can be done by wide range of sizes from micro to large surfaces. Laser marking is ecological and there is no additives or pigments used in the process. Also, stainless steel color marks will be done without any additives or pigments. Laser is replaceable method for engraving, screen printing, etching, stamping, ink jet etc.

Tags and plates

Plates are customized from clients demands. Plates can be used for ID plates, machine plates, guide plates and personnel or door plates. Plate materials are stainless steel, anodized aluminum, coated metals and engraved plastics.

Surface removal for coated items

Lasermarking is an innovative, cost-efficient solutions for surface removal on coated items. With this method the removal of the coating can be done excatly as wanted without harming the piece otherwise. It's perfect for making electrically conductive surface for insulating surfaces, like anodization.



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