Tightly on surface over 25 years!

 For Mecapinta Oy, 2019 is the anniversary year – this year marks 25 years since the company was founded. Over the years, Mecapinta has expanded its versatile coating portfolio to maintain a better customer service. We have developed and diversified our activities for a clear purpose to efficiently provide metal plating service without sacrificing the […]

Our new manganese phosphating coating line is in use

Now we can offer our customers even more coating possibilities. We have new half-automatic coating line in manganese phosphating. Mangenese phosphate is a chemical treatment for steel and it givescrystalline conversion coating for the objects surface. Manganese phosphate coatings provides corrosion and abrasion protection. Use of manganese phosphate are in projects that require sliding of […]

Our new zinc plating black line

Mecapinta Ltd. has improved it’s zinc plating manufacturing by putting into service a new zinc plating black line. The components are treated in an electrolytic process using cyanide-free acid zinc. Zinc coating can be applied on iron.  The passivation method used is RoHS approved. Zinc plating black gives iron good corrosion protection and nice black […]