Mecapinta is committed to good governance and ethical behaviour. We comply with the laws and regulations that apply to us and actively monitor their development to ensure continued compliance.

We deliver high-quality surface treatment and laser marking services to our customers in a productive and timely manner, in close cooperation with our customers. We serve our customers flexibly with customer satisfaction taken into account at all stages.

Our high-quality and responsible operations are based on competent and motivated staff. We ensure our staff’s continuous training and skills development and maintain and develop our professional and customer service skills.

We respect the rights of our employees and comply strictly with work regulations. We offer our employees a safe and healthy workplace and promote diversity, inclusion and fairness.

We will refrain from all forms of corruption, extortion and bribery and abide by laws and regulations that prohibit child labour, forced labour, modern slavery, and human trafficking. We do not use coating metals produced by child labour, and we require our chemical suppliers to report on the origin of raw materials to ensure that they do not originate from conflict zones.

We are committed to quality and environmental objectives and continuous improvement and comply with the international quality and environmental standards SFS EN ISO 9001 and SFS EN ISO 14001.


The surface treatment services we offer significantly extend metal parts’ durability, corrosion resistance, and service, reducing the need for new products and the consumption of raw materials. Recyclability also remains good with coated parts.

We have an ISO 14001 -certified environmental management system. We are committed to minimising the negative environmental impact of our operations, the most significant of which are energy and water consumption, chemical use and waste.

Environmental damage is reduced, for example, by investing in automation to reduce water and energy consumption in processes. Wastewater treatment is conducted in strict compliance with permit values and metals that can be separated from the waste sludge are recycled.

Our company’s 200-panel solar power plant provides clean energy for our business needs. You can view up-to-date figures for the solar power plant here.


Potential major accident hazards have been identified through risk assessments and expert advice. Efforts have been made to eliminate all hazards identified in the studies and analyses. Residual risks have been reduced through instructions, technical systems, systematic maintenance, and training. See Mecapinta’s safety bulletin.


We place a strong emphasis on the high quality and uniformity of produced series. High quality is based on skilled staff, modern production technology and an ISO 9001 quality system.

The thickness of the surfaces is measured by X-ray equipment, which can also measure multi-layered surfaces. All products are subject to a final inspection on a piece-by-piece basis. At the same time, the homogeneity of the series is checked both technically and visually. No scratches, dents, dirt or fingerprints are left on the products. The final result is completed by appropriate packaging and transport protection.

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